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What you clearly haven’t been told, is that Google makes up only as much as 20% of the total online traffic pool

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In super basic terms, a “Solo Ad” is when you (generally) pay someone to mail THEIR email list, on your behalf, with a recommendation and link to your free optin offer squeeze page.

What you are basically doing is buying targeted traffic to your webpage or affiliate links that you are looking to promote.

This type of advertising takes advantage of the relationship a marketer has with their list… that their list KLT’s (knows, likes and trusts) them… to get some optins for the other person.

This can be an incredibly powerful form of list building although there are a lot of variables that go into how good the results will be.


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According to eMarketer, Instagram is the fastest growing social network. The number of U.S. users grew by nearly 60% in 2014 with an estimated 1 in 4 internet users actively on Instagram dily.

Instagram has over 400 million users worldwide, making it bigger than Twitter.

Post engagement on Instagram is 58 times more effective than Facebook and 120 times more than on Twitter!

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